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ما بهترین تلاشمون رو انجام می دیم تا فیلامنت های استاندارد پرینترهای سه بعدی با کیفیت بسازیم. به شکلی که به لحاظ قیمت کاملا در دسترس باشند. از بهترین درجات کیفی مواد اولیه و ماشین آلات ساخت خودمون استفاده می کنیم ولی تلاش می کنیم قیمت رو همچنان پایین نگه داریم :) . (وب سایت فارسی)

    We do our best to make enough quality standard 3dprint filament with most accessible price, Use hi grade Iranian Raw material (ABS|PLA|...) and machines but try to pulling price down yet :)


fixed diameterFIXED DIAMETER

The ability to control the flow of your filament makes printing easier and more consistent. One of the major factors affecting this control is filament diameter. If your 3D printer believes it is receiving one diameter of filament, it will set the extrusion speed accordingly, extruding a perfect amount. The printer has no way to adjust on the fly, so if the filament diameter fluctuates then the amount it extrudes will be inconsistent. This can lead to blobby prints due to over-extrusion or weak prints due to under-extrusion.


fixed ovality


Perfectly round 3D printer filament prints best. If it has too much ovality, it may cause the filament to twist, extrude unevenly, or jam in your printer. Jams = bad. Perfectly round filament = good!  And we pay enough attention to this matter is manufacturing, filling spools, packing and etc.


per spool datasheet


Know the tolerances of each spool of filament, posted right on the box! We are the not only 3D printer filament manufacturers that will reveal, on a per-spool basis, the spool’s tolerance and performance characteristics but that is really exciting professional users.



 filling pulleys


Filling Pulley is really important. 3d print procedure is Lengthy process and any interrupts can be really boring. Some interrupts like twist and knot or snarled filament from bad filling pulley at factory. We do your best to reduce this problems and now we can say that with Filamax this problem solved totally.


3d printer testTEST PRINT - AGAIN & AGAIN

Each batch of filament is rigorously tested in the field using desktop 3D printers to ensure that melting temperatures and surface finish are consistent and of the highest quality.



certifiedTRUST IS GOLD

We pay attention to our Responsibility for per spool cost and your received goods. We register spool to spool and pack to pack weight to certitude that your filament is equal or more than rated weight on the PI.